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EXPRO is a national level technical fest conducted by The Association of Production Engineers of the Department of Production Technology, Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University. Each edition of EXPRO marks participants all over the nation for its unique workshops and events. Surpassing its previous editions, EXPRO’19 is styled with its frolic events to provide an opportunity for the budding engineers to express their wits and dexterity. Gear up to discern a plethora of fun and excitement.


Expro Tickets

The EXPRO Tickets are your entry into the EXPRO’19. It is mandatory that you purchase either the standard ticket or the premium ticket in order to participate the event. The standard tickets can be used to enter all technical events, non technical events and lectures. The premium tickets are exclusively for workshops.

If six premium expro tickets or more are purchased by a group of participants from the same college, a single premium ticket will be given as complimentary.

For premium tickets, Register and pay

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Standard Ticket
  • All Technical Events
  • All Non-Technical Events
  • Paper Presentation
  • Lectures
most popular
Premium Ticket
  • Any two Workshops
  • All Technical Events
  • All Non Technical Events
  • Paper Presentation
  • Lectures
  • Lunch for both days of the workshop


All the workshops are adroitly designed from both theoretical and practical standpoint. We make sure that the participants get a hands on experience in every workshop they are participating. Get the Premium Ticket and avail your chances to attend two workshops and earn a rebate.






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